Spin&Go tournaments have a unique multipliers system. That's the reason why even most advanced poker tracker software is unable to correctly calculate the profit derived from expected value of player's actions (EV Profit). 

Hence in order to count EV Profit one needs third-party software (the most popular and yet simple calculator SwongSim can be downloaded it here):

 Run SwongSim.exe and do the following:

  1. specify the number of games played in the "Games per simulation" field;
  2. select the limit in the "Preset payout structure" field from the list of suggested ones;
  3. set the frequency of the jackpot multipliers (x12000, x240 and x120) to 0 (under Win-Win Cooperation Agreements the jackpots have a specific split percentage and thus not taken into account when calculating EV-profit);
  4. the value in the "Preset payout structure" field will automatically change to "Custom" – don't change it;
  5. the Effective Rake amount in the pink box will also increase by 0.94%;
  6. (optional) select "$ Winnings" under the green rectangles to display EV Profit in dollars rather than buy-ins;
  7. type in the buy-in amount in the "Buyin $" field just below;
  8. indicate chip EV per tournament by pressing the "EV Chips" button in the top right corned and press OK to confirm.

Please note, that depending on the system language settings the input behavior of comma (",") and point (".") symbols may be confused. In case unrealistically high profit amount is displayed consider changing comma for the point or vice versa.

After getting the final EV Profit amount we recommend to double-check the Effective Rake in the pink box at the bottom of the SwongSim screen:

  • $ 0.25-3 buy-in corresponds to 8.94% Effective Rake;
  • $ 7 buy-in corresponds to 7.94% Effective Rake;
  • $ 15-30 buy-in corresponds to 6.94% Effective Rake;
  • $ 60-100 buy-in corresponds to 5.94% Effective Rake

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