The only way to get Hand History is to send an e-mail to PokerStars support team:

In the letter you'll need to indicate your PokerStars account name and a period which you want to get the tournament hands for. Please note that PokerStars store this information in larger databanks so always set the start date a couple of days earlier then actual start date in order to get full Hand History.

Example of enquiry:

Subject: "URGENT: hand history: MyPSNickname"
"Dear PokerStars Team,

I'm writing to enquire about hand history for my account MyPSNickname for the following period: 24 may 2017 - 20 jun 2017.
I'm okay if the period would start earlier and thus the file would be larger. I just need it to contain the specified period (even if it takes several archives). Please send me this information ASAP by e-mail. I'm looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,

If you want to share the Hand History with us, send us the link to it (not the actual archive as it is quite heavy).

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