To initiate profit calculation procedure we'll need 2 documents:

  1. Hand History.txt (click here for instructions on how to get it). We'll need a link to the archive (not the actual file). Please specify the start date 2 days earlier than the actual playing period.
  2. Playing History Audit.xls (click here for instructions on how to get it). We'll need a link to the archive and a password thereto. Similarly the audit should start 2 days earlier that the actual playing period (even if there was no game activity).

Please after sending the request stop playing until midnight EST (UTC-5). The calculation process is based on the PokerStars time zone so that the tournaments played during one PokerStars day may not be divided into 2 financial periods.

Having received hand history and audit always make sure the files meet the requirements:

  • Playing History Audit is in Excel format, contains StarsCoin information and you specified the password to the archive;
  • both Hand History and Playing History Audit files contain the full tournament information over the current financial period (i.e. start and end correctly, etc).

If the files are correct, you may now send the 2 links and a password to our support team via the widget in the bottom right corner or directly to the address:

Please note that the actual files and archives (not links) will be ignored!

Within 24 hours upon receiving your calculation request Win-Win support team will contact you to verify the calculation results and provide further instructions. 

We recommend that you already have rakeback and EV-profit amounts calculated so that the verification process doesn't take a lot of time.

Funds withdrawal prior to the calculation is forbidden!

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