There are three events that trigger profit split procedure.

  1. Winning 50 buy-ins of your current playing limit. This means you'll need to request Hand History and Audit whenever you've hit:
  • $ 150 for the $ 3 limit;
  • $ 350 for the $ 7 limit;
  • $ 750 for the $ 15 limit;
  • $ 1500 for the $ 30 limit.

2. Winning any jackpot (x120, x240 or x12000) means winning 100+ buy-ins and thus results into splitting profit.

3. If none of the above happened within 30 days since the latest split (or signing the Agreement) then the current reporting period is considered concluded. Request the documents listed above and send them to our support team using either a widget chat in the bottom right or our email

A detailed split system guide may be found here

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