In order to get "Playing history audit" from PokerStars you'll need to:

  1. Change the documents language settings in Settings → Global → Language. It is necessary to set up either English or Russian as the primary language.

2. Go to Tools → History & Stats → Playing History Audit. Choose the date period, tick in the StarsCoin checkbox and select Excel (97-2003) file format. Then type a password you want your audit archive to be encrypted with. If done right the link to it usually comes within 5 minutes.
Please note, that the all the documents are concluded in the PokerStars time zone (EST (UTC-5)) which should be taken into consideration while specifying the date period.

Prior to sharing the Audit with Win-Win please always double-check if:

  • the password to the archive is correct;
  • archive is not broken;
  • the audit is in Excel (has ".xls" extension);
  • the language is Russian or English;
  • the date period contains all the days needed;
  • the audit contains information about StarsCoin.

We'll need the link to the archive (not the actual file), so don't forget to specify the password to the archive as well.

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